Thermal insulation conserves energy and saves you money.
Rising prices for scarce natural resources like oil and gas together with undesirable heat loss or heat gain from various mechanical systems, means the cost of uninsulated pipes far outweighs the cost of appointing Rainham Insulation to deliver your mechanical insulation needs.

Thermal insulation

Rainham insulation undertakes a wide range of thermal and acoustic Insulation for energy conservation, frost protection, condensation control, personal protection and noise breakouts on all types of projects from Schools, Hospital, PowerStation’s, New Builds, Office Refurbishments national and international.

With over 30 years’ experience we can provide all finishes including Aluminium Cladding, Aluzinc Cladding, Stainless Steel Cladding, Isogenapak sheeting, Polyisobutuylene Sheeting, GRP and Proclad.

Within our estimating department which can provide technical advice and estimates suitable for any project large or small. We offer a comprehensive estimating service with contract measurements taken from drawings in all formats, bill of quantities or by a site measure which enable us to provide competitive quotations. With our Ensign Estimating System all lump sum prices can be backed up with a fully quantified schedule of rates.

Fire protection

We have extensive experience in the installation of fire protection systems, working closely with manufacturers to achieve the appropriate fire certificate on the completion of each project. Typical installations included passive fire protection, smoke extract systems, kitchen extract systems, structural fire protection and firestopping of services penetrations.

We can offer a wide range of specifications including rockwool ‘firepro’, Promat, Firetherm and Knauf products.

Sheet metal fabrication

We manufacture supply and fit various metals to suit any project which includes Stucco Embossed Aluminium, Coated/Non-coated Plain Aluminium, Aluzinc, Plastisol Colour Coated Steel and Stainless Steel for all aspects of pipework, ductwork, valves and fittings.

Acoustic insulation

We provide a wide range of acoustic insulation for all your requirements ductwork, pipework, soil and rainwater pipework acoustic insulation, generally these requirements are installed in apartments, office areas and sound studios.

Trace heating

The most common applications are Freeze Protection, Hot Water Service temperature maintenance and process temperature maintenance in a wide variety of applications: Fuel Oil, Caustic soda, Liquid Sugar, Fats and Soaps, Bitumen, Paints and Lacquers, Polymers, Acids and Esters.

Removable insulation jackets

We manufacture, supply and fit removable jackets to fit all aspects of pipes, fittings, valves, flanges tanks and vessels or any requirements you may have. All our jackets are easy to remove for inspections and routine maintenance.

Scaffolding services

Our scaffolding services come with a safety-first approach from an experienced, highly skilled and professional team. When scaffolding is required for any insulation project, we use our extensive experience so that the erection of scaffolding is fit for purpose for the insulation installers, providing them with the structure they need to work safely and get the job done without any issues reaching necessary equipment.

We can deliver all your mechanical insulation needs